With most hotels and hotel companies in the U.S. laying off, terminating or furloughing employees during the crisis, what does the labor picture look like now? Panelists will discuss if and when hoteliers can expect to get their workers back; the new competition for workers; and new wage pressures hoteliers need to be prepared to face.

Take time to listen to what our EVP, Bryan Tubaugh, and other experts in the hospitality industry had to say in regards to the “new” workforce moving forward.  held an incredible virtual conference with a lot of great insight in moving forward.

Access this session, along with almost 10 more hours of additional content from our LodgingStream event on April 30th.

CJ Arlotta, Founder, CJ Media Solutions LLC

Del Ross, Chief Revenue Officer, Hotel Effectiveness

Douglas Tutt, CEO, Virgil Holdings Inc., parent of Hcareers, a Virgil company

Bryan Tubaugh, Executive Vice President, Focus Hospitality Management

Bryan P. DeCort, Executive Vice President, Hotel Equities