Destination Analysts report another positive week for travel

22 APRIL 2021 American’s continue to set new records for pandemic-era readiness to travel and confidence in travel safety. Good news all round for hotels, airlines, cruise lines and the wide net of hospitality businesses [...]

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Demand declines force hotel shuttle service changes-Hotel News Now

Demand declines force hotel shuttle service changes 10 DECEMBER 2020 9:14 AM A decrease in demand, revenue and staffing capacities has led some hotels to rethink shuttle services, which has included reducing hours of operation [...]

Staying Out Of Touch, Asian Hospitality Magazine, pages 12-14

https://www.asianhospitality.com/digital/issue187/ Putting on the Tuxon Bryan Tubaugh,  Executive Vice President,  with Focus Hospitality Management, managers of The Tuxon in Tucson, Arizona, said,  "Contactless Software has been deployed successfully at the hotel since it opened in [...]

Focus Hospitality Management looks for hotel expansion

A ‘Focus’ On Growth Tucson-based Management Company Eyes Geographic Expansion By Dennis Nessler | November 5, 2020 https://hotelcommunityforum.com/a-focus-on-growth/ Having established a strong foothold in the Tucson area over the course of the last decade, Focus [...]

Coronavirus challenge redefines GM role

Coronavirus challenge redefines GM role Audio: Session 293: https://longlivelodging.com/293-crisis-managers-coronavirus-challenge-redefines-gm-role/?utm_source=mailchimp-293#.X6QLqGhKguU Note: Minute 33: David Miller, GM, Focus Management Hospitality By: Judy Maxwell, Long Live Lodging, November 04 General Managers break time barriers as they work to [...]

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Chris Stanley Appointed VP of Business Development and Asset Management

Focus Hospitality Management, a full-service hotel management company with a total of seven properties in the Tucson metropolitan statistical area (MSA), has appointed hospitality veteran Chris Stanley as vice president of business development and asset [...]

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